Chrysansia Chitra - Indonesian Men Magazine Model

How to Submit Digital Pictures for Magazine Publication

Growth the resolution.
Digital photography and acceptance your pictures into write up is supplying an copy to the correct pixel size and resolution leverage a format that contract reproduce young opened by besides computers operating systems. What does that mean, whole not everyone uses Microsoft Windows frequent publishers necessity Creation Macs some equivalent exertion Linux if your replica answerability't factor viewed Certain WILL NOT Body USED!

Size matters!
The pictures pixel dimensions albatross correspond to scrutinize secrete the main tool thus dimensions of say 3200x2400pixels we would be looking for a file size of about 21mbs this would be OK for a full page. The above program can help you decide what size your image will be OK up to.

Why JPG?
Another problem magazine picture editors come up against is images supplied in a unusual format. To save problems later ALWAYS save images in JPG format. JPG format is optimised for compressing full - colour or grey - scale photographic - type digital images. The reason for using this format is that any computer system can open JPG images. Remember, not everybody uses Microsoft ' s Windows, many magazine publishers’ use Apple Macs and some people are using Linux systems. Regardless of the system used all will read JPEG files.

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About Chrysansia Chitra
Chrysansia chitra was born in Jakarta. She has one young brother. She's the eldest in the family. Her father is a Chinese and her mother is a mixture between Indonesian and Hollanese. Since she was at young age, she always dream of becoming a model or an artist. She adapted it from her family which influenced her a lot. She's already in love with the camera and easily bond with it. When stepping into a teenager, she found herself with arts, such as paintings, and poetry. When she still in the elementary school she entered a poetry contest in USA. Since that, all the arts interests has become part of her life.

Personal Information
First Name: Chrysansia
Last Name: chitra
Nationality: Indonesia
Place of Birth: Jakarta
Date of Birth: August 9th 1984
Height: 171cm | Weight: 49kg
Eyes: black | Hair: dark brown
Skin: fair | Cloth: S
Pants: S | Shoe: 40-41

Chrysansia Chitra - Indonesian Men Magazine Model

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