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About Nabila Syakieb

Nabila Syakieb owner of this nose bleed is a beautiful woman arab birth Bogor, 18 November 1985 is a soap opera actress who is familiar Indonesia.

Acting debut in the world since the beginning nabila 16 years of age himself to be a model. His career began to shine after casting away nabila on soap operas "LOVE High School", after which his career began to climb by starring in a soap opera titles, the last soap opera and was still running at this end of "Yasmin" in that soap opera acting nabil Syakieb collided with the opponent richard kevin.

Personal Information:
Full Name: Nabila Syakieb
Call Name: Nabila Syakieb
Birthday: Bogor, 18 November 1985
Zodiac: Scorpio
Mother's Name: Huriah Nasir
Child to: 1 of 3 brothers
Favorite Color: Pink
Last Education: University College Paramadina

Nabila Syakieb - Dot Style Dress Gallery-1

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