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About Sheila Marcia

Sheila Marcia started her career as a cover girl, or Gadis sampul in 2004. Not long after that, she play a role in the film Ekskul in 2006 with Ramon Yusuf Tungka or VJ Ramon and Metha Yunatria. The movie was directed by Nayata Fio Nuala which then won the Festival Film Indonesia FFI 2006. In the same year 2006, Sheila also play a major role in the movie Hantu Jeruk Purut. with the success of this movie, Sheila became even more popular across the country.

In 2007, Sheila only starred 2 movies; Tentang Cinta, directed by Sony Gaokasak. In this film, Sheila collaborated with other top Indonesian star such as Fedi Nuril, Vino G Bastian and Hayria Faturrahman. Not only starring the film, Sheila Marcia also sang the movie soundtracks "Hey."
In the late 2007, Sheila play in the movie "Film Horror" or Scary movie.

Other than movies, Sheila also starring in several sinetrons, such as Love, with Irwansyah. Sheila also played in Bunga2 Cinta, Makin sayang, Mencari cinta and many more.

Personal Information
Name : Sheila Marcia
Full Name : Sheila Marcia Joseph
Born : Malang, September 3, 1989
Profession : actress and model

Love and Relationship
In the past, Sheila Marcia had had a relationship with AFI presenter, Adi Nugroho. after they broke up, Sheila then dating Ricky Harun, who was the former boyfriend of Chelsea olivia Wijaya. However, this relationship didn't last long, and finally Sheila Marcia is dating with Roger Danuarta.

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Sexy Sheila Marcia in Army Girl

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