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How to Get Sexy Legs

Who doesn't want to have a strong, sleek, sexy set of legs? No matter where you go this summer, your legs will be on display. If, however, you aren't quite comfortable baring your legs, don't worry! In this article I will show you how to tone up your legs quickly and efficiently, and soon you will be ready for that trip to the beach!

There are four muscles in the leg that must be toned up in order to get sexy legs. The first one is called the quadriceps, and it is located on the front side of the top of your leg. In fact, if you are sitting down right now, just look down at one of your legs - that muscle is the quadriceps. In order to tone up this muscle you need to do exercises like leg extensions and step ups. Leg extensions are where you sit in a little chair with your feet back and kick your feet forward. Step ups are just when you step up onto something.

The second muscle in your leg is called the hamstring. It is on the bottom of your upper leg opposite the quadriceps. You can tone this muscle with two movements: the straight legged deadlift and the leg curl. The straight legged deadlift simply asks you to bend over and pick something up while keeping your legs and back straight. The leg curl is the opposite of the leg extension. You sit in a chair and bring your legs towards your body as opposed to kicking them outwards.

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15 Sexy Indonesian Models Photoshoots

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