Dwi Putrantiwi - Sexy Indonesian Model

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Colors to avoid! All colors she doesn't like as well as prints and designs that are risky as they may just not be to her liking. Colors that are safe - black, white, perhaps red. Don't venture too far here, unless you think she will like the color, and it is compatible with her own skin tones. Color and style are risky by their very nature. You can experiment with hot pink, fuchsia and other hot colors as these garments are hot by their nature. While she may not have hot pink as a favorite color, a lot of lingerie is made in hot colors for dancers and bedroom attire.

If she is a plus size woman the news is good as more and more manufacturers are making sexy lingerie for curvy girls. But be sure you understand plus size sizing. Many women don't understand it because plus size lingerie is sold often in extra large, 1x through 6x. Be absolutely certain before ordering, or ask the online customer's service representative exactly what sizes will fit your ladies curves. Be prepared to give the height, weight, bra size, waist size in order to size her lingerie correctly. Be careful when buying plus size lingerie that is offered as one size fits most - plus. This is a bit of a risk as a 1x is obviously not the same as a 3x. The manufacturers do this to make the garment less expensive, not to make it easier for you to buy it. The same applies to misses ' lingerie sold as one size fits most - misses.

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Dwi Putrantiwi (born in Jakarta, March 10, 1983; age 26 years) is an Indonesia actress and model. He played in a movie "Tali Pocong Perawan", previously also played in a few soap opera land.

"Sumpah Pocong Di Sekolah" (2008)
"Tali Pocong Perawan" (2008)

Dwi Putrantiwi - Sexy Indonesian Model

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