Five Vi - Indonesian Popular Model

Five Vi - Popular Model

Vivi Rahmawati or usually called Five Vi (born in Mojokerto, 12 September 1979 aged 30 years) is Indonesian actress.

Her name skyrocketed over the Betawi comedy series. Currently he is busy filling back shows off the water and follow the many social activities.

Personal life
Five Vi has become the fourth wife of Henry Yosodiningrat lawyer. Siri marriage is only less than a month old, was divorced Five Vi via SMS. Previously, Five Vi had married Setya Iwan Budiman. This marriage ended in 2006 after they were blessed with a daughter, bilqis M Meliskq. Unfortunately, divorce is long tails. Although child custody fell into the hands of Five Vi, but until now bilqis still in control of her ex-husband. Currently, the Five Vi making love with a man of Dutch nationality.

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Five Vi - Indonesian Popular Model

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