Intan Bella - Indonesian Hot model

Fashion Tips: Express Yourself With Colors

Feeling troubled over what color to somnolent? What color makes you the eye welcome? Strong, fashion is all about yourself. What you poke to slack every morning tells a lot about you and how you felt that date. Equable your mini handbag carries a snub comedy.

Mixing and matching is a personal choice, you organize your very own style!
1. Stick to one color (all white, blue, red…)
2. Hot goes with cool (match yellow with green or blue not with red, it might be too hot!)
3. Use neutral colors to draw the looks together (white, gray, beige and black are good neutral colors)
4. Play around with color of the same family (pink with maroon, sky blue with navy blue…)

Remember, you create your very own style. Have fun!

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Intan Bella - Indonesian Hot model

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