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Luna Maya

Luna Maya (born in Denpasar, Bali, August 26, 1983) is a soap opera actress and the Indonesian movie that started his career as an advertising and catwalk model.

Luna began her career as a model. He went into the role of film in 2004 by 30 Hari Mencari Cinta. In the movie, Luna served as Barbara, a beautiful girl who became nan sexy dream man. This is the first role as an antagonist Luna.

Successful play a role in Barbara, Luna was involved in the film again Brownies in 2005. In the film director Hanung Bramantyo it, Luna had a small role. Luna's first role as the main character is as Mina in Ward 13 in the same year.

The name Luna increasingly rising in the entertainment universe Indonesia, after he play a role in the film Love Silver and gossip related to love with Ariel, Peterpan band vocalist. After the wedding Ariel, not to mention Luna reportedly close to another person.

During his career, Luna has made no fewer than seven films, such as Brownies, Cinta Silver, Ruang, Bangsal 13, Jakarta Undercover, 30 Hari Mencari Cinta, dan Pesan Dari Surga. Beberapa sinetron yang dia bintangi antara lain Dan, Kau dan Aku, Ada Cinta, Rahasiaku, Anggun, Cahaya Surga, Sujudku, Yasmin, Dewi dan yang tayang di TV Langganan Astro Akhir Cinta.

Luna, also starred in several advertising products such as Lux, Zestea, Sarimie, Vitalong C, XL and Bu Krim Detergen.

A series of accomplishments achieved by Luna made it selected as one of the torchbearers in the Olympics in 2008. Not only the world's role model and they work at the Luna. Joint and Sandra Dewi Sandra Dewi, Luna contribute their voice in the Euro 2008 theme song titled Play.

Realizing that his career in the entertainment world can not be relied upon forever, Luna began to study business. He opened a boutique bernamaLM for Hardwar in Bandung and Jakarta. Recently, Luna launch Lounge/Cafe bernamaEnvy in Bandung.

Although the time exposed to bad news, because of his name dicatut on one porn site in early 2009, Luna was not discouraged. Instead, he increasingly expanded his career by being a music presenter with Olga Syahputra Strikes and Raffi Ahmad. Career in television is continuing a long involvement in the sitcom Extravaganza and OB Shift 2.

Even now he had already started to pull the world come to enliven the sound, the singing voice (I hope) composed by the band Green Leaf. Luna also contributed a song titled Towards surgamu religious work that in fact Nature Urbach a non-Muslim. Besides singing, Luna even produced an album planned for a new comer singer. In addition, Luna also expanded in the field of direction with directed a short independent film called Sacred And The City.

Awards and nominations
MTV Indonesia Movie Award 2006: Nominator Most Favourite Actress
Festival Film Indonesia 2006: Nominator Pemeran Utama Wanita Terbaik
Indonesia Kids' Choice Award 2008 : Nominator Artis Wanita Favorit
Insert Anniversary Award 2008 : Most Sexiest Female Celebrity
Indonesia Kids' Choice Award 2009 : Artis Wanita Favorit
Indonesia Kids' Choice Award 2009 : Nominator Pembawa Acara Favorit
Panasonic Award 2009 : Nominator Presenter Music Variety Show Terfavorit
Panasonic Award 2009 : Nominator Aktris Terfavorit
Editor's Choice Award (Rolling Stone Magazine) : The Sensational Artist
Insert Anniversary Award 2009 : We Love To Hate Artist
Bintang Indonesia : Bintang Paling Berkilau 2009

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Luna Maya - Black Magic Style

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