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Manohara Odelia Pinot

Manohara Odelia Pinot (born in Jakarta, February 28, 1992) is an Indonesian model. Manohara has a mixture of blood and Bugis United States, Indonesia and dual nationality, the United States and Indonesia. Manohara dipersunting by the prince from the Kingdom of Kelantan, West Malaysia Tumenggong named Tengku Muhammad Fakhry on August 26, 2008.

Born of American parents States, George Man and Bugis royal, Daisy Fajarina. After his parents divorced, his mother married to a Noack Reiner Pinot French nationals. Manohara is a model. At his young age, but he managed to become one of Indonesia by 100 Enchantment Harper's Bazaar magazine.

Personal life
Manohara name stuck in various mass media in mid-April 2009. Manohara reportedly abducted by her own husband, Tengku Fakhry. This event begins with Tengku Manohara meeting in December 2006 at a dinner by Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. In short, the prince fell today and intend to establish a serious relationship with Manohara a 15-year-old now. Seeing the family background and wealth Tengku, Fajarina Daisy, the mother, allows them to date.

There was intermittent couple, Tengku intend to marry Manohara, after Manohara virginity stolen several times by him on New Year's 2007 event earlier. Although problems had hampered the guardian of marriage, age Manohara who are under age (still 16 years old then), and Embassy letter that does not exist, but Manohara and Tengku wedding can take place in Malaysia, August 26, 2008.

Manohara reportedly experiencing unpleasant treatment from her husband, so he fled back to Jakarta via Singapore. Knowing his wife left, Tengku intended to pick up Manohara. He even bought a car as a birthday gift Manohara in February 2009. Not only that, he was invited Manohara and his family for Umroh together.

We will return to their homeland, after Umroh on March 9, 2009, reportedly the mother and stepbrother, Dewi Sari Asih, abandoned at the airport.

Not remain silent, the mother with her child, goddess tried to ask for help the Indonesian Government and the National Commission on Human Rights. Since Daisy had suffered when the ban will be visiting his daughter in Malaysia.

Manohara case attention is higher when the Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Tun Razak dodged questions about the alleged kidnapping Manohara by a Malaysian prince when he met Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Jakarta on April 23, 2009. Manohara mother held a press conference at the National Commission on Violence Against Women in Jakarta. He complained Malaysia bans that prevent authorities entering Malaysia to visit her daughter. Conceal such action is similar to Altantuyaa Shariibuu murder, the murdered Mongolian model in Malaysia. The Indonesian government requested an explanation from the Malaysian Government for what reasons an Indonesian woman was not allowed to see his son who he thought had molested by her husband's royal family members in Malaysia.

Before married to Tengku Fakhry, Manohara had a relationship with a man, let's call Ardi Bakrie, one of the main commissioner TVOne and Ryan Haryanto, young drivers from Singapore.

Since this case sticking out, a lot of outstanding personal photos Manohara. Even in some sites and blogs from Malaysia showing intimate photographs and Tengku Manohara. In these photographs show the condition Manohara fine. Until now there has been no official response from the Kingdom of kelantan associated with this case.

On Sunday, May 31, 2009, Manohara escort escaped from the kingdom of Kelantan in Singapore and go back to Indonesia with his mother. At that time Manohara and the Kelantan royal family was in Singapore to visit the Sultan of Kelantan medical center in Singapore. At that time Daisy Fajarina was also in Singapore to meet Manohara. Manohara called her mother and told the hotel where he was staying. Manohara trying to sneak out of the hotel, but while in the elevator on the 3rd floor of the Empire he was intercepted by guards who tried to force Kelantan returned to the room. Manohara constriction in pressing the emergency button in the elevator to attract hotel security and local security forces. Because aware of CCTV cameras in the elevators and hotel corridors, bodyguard Kelantan refrained from using violence against Manohara. Manohara reportedly has called the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore to ask for protection, but not granted on the grounds it was the day weeks and no one on duty, although Manohara confirmed that this is an emergency. Because her father is a citizen of the United States, Manohara and then tried to call the United States Embassy in Singapore who later answered the request for help by sending police Manohara Singapore and American agents. Daisy arrived at Manohara hotel and waited in the lobby because he did not know where the room Manohara. Under the direction of a woman citizen of Indonesia who know the commotion on the floor 3, Daisy instructions where the existence of Manohara. Daisy finally got to meet her daughter. Thanks to diplomatic protection from the authorities of Singapore and the U.S. Embassy, Manohara with her mother managed to return to Indonesia. Manohara through a press conference stating that all charges of kidnapping and mistreatment of his mother posted to the Prince of Kelantan is the fact, Manohara states do not want to go back to Kelantan and declared his intention to divorce from Tengku Fakhry.

Attorneys and the controversy
Ratna Sarumpaet and O.C. Kaligis is a legal counsel who had joined the team Manohara legal counsel, but they chose to withdraw from technical assistance Manohara Odelia Pinot feeling Manohara and his mother, Chandra too stalling in the autopsy report and did not provide evidence of abuse or not also report to the police but a higher priority roadshow schedule interviews with a variety of infotainment on TV. Since then, the validity of the confession story Manohara and his mother began to doubt and questioned by various parties, especially when soap operas Manohara Manohara played by himself began running, which could menghebohan society. Manohara now accompanied by a team of legal counsel Hotman Paris Hutapea

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Manohara Odelia Pinot - Young Actress and Model

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