Ratna Listy - Sexy Model in Black Swimsuit

Ratna Listy

Ratna Listy has Ratna Sulistyaningsih full name (born in Madiun, East Java, August 2, 1973) is a singer, soap opera player, and presenter Indonesia.

Career entertainment
Rachael career begins with his victory in the event Radio and TV stars as East Java in 1989, before later became a professional singer. Album ever released in between Obsessy (1998), Adhan (2002), Black & White (2006) duet with Agus Dhukun, and a traditional album he made with Doel Donate and Nini Carlina.

Women's 167 cm tall has also starred in several soap operas, including Last Days Signs, Dreams Met, and mystery series Bride of Satan displayed in the TPI, as well as soap operas and Marriage Shakila. Rachael also been a presenter at the quiz and Panorama House Surgery in RCTI.

Not only in the world of entertainment, Rachael also tried the business world. Alumni Faculty of Economics, University of Brawijaya, Malang was with her husband, founded PT Budi Mulia Bird of working in the field of special fuel distributors, Pertamax. Because the company's operations run daily husbands, Rachael and then formed a sub department of the business event organizer (EO) with the name of Ratna Listy Production. As generally EO, a business carried on by his friend Rachael is also engaged in organizing events such as wedding organizer, product launching, gathering, until the show.

Personal life
Rachael is married to businessman, Herry Swastiarso Putranto, childless widower one on July 7, 2002. From their marriage with two children, each of Reiki Swara January (born January 31, 2004) and Swara Keisyah Alma Nova (born 8 November 2005).

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Ratna Listy - Sexy Model in Black Swimsuit

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