Taffana Dewi - Green Bikini Style

Taffana Dewi

Taffana Dewi (born in Yogyakarta, July 31, 1979) is a movie player and sinetron Indonesia

Goddess Taffana known among others through his roles in the movies "hot" in the early 1990s. Some of his films include: The Mystery Games, Passion Night, Seduced, and Click Go Click Here. In addition to soar through the soap opera called the Three Angels.

Ana's name, so familiar call, the more famous since the incident he was wearing strapless melorotnya up to her breasts heave, as a guest star for the comedy laughter Ala Trans TV Specials.

Princess Malioboro 1990
Central Javanese Batik Princess 1990
Princess Esteem 1991

Misteri Permainan, Tergoda, Gairah Malam, Pencet Sana Pencet Sini, Tersentuh Cinta, Tergoda Nafsu, Gairah Malam Kedua, Catatan Harian Tante Sonya, Gadis Metropolis I, Gadis Metropolis II

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Taffana Dewi - Green Bikini Style

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