Thong Bikinis

Hot Bikini Models Wear Thongs - Or Do They?
Regardless if the beach, club, or pool that you go to allows women to wear thong bikinis, some hot bikini models swear that strutting around wearing a thong makes men drool. During the early 1990s, the thong bikini made its appearance in print media, and most of the time, the thong was not pictured on a common-looking woman.

Although you will not find much fabric in a thong bikini, or thong underwear, the fashion experts heightened its appeal, and thongs began yielding big dollars for the manufacturers and retailers. In the year 2000, just two years after the launch of the thong, Americans bought more than 123 million thongs; thereby doubling the sales of 1998.

The only other fashion trends that have crept up close behind the thong bikini are the Brazilian bikini, and a bikini that the Australians invented that is called the backless thong.
All About Thong Swimwear
This style of bikini swimwear was a huge hit in South America. Thong bikinis can be quite a nice addition to your bikini wardrobe. You can wear a printed top with a solid thong or vice versus to create a new look.

Also, to create anticipation among beach lovers, wear a bikini sarong over your thong so that people can see through it and view your thong. There are 3 main types of thongs: G-string thongs, T-string thongs, and V-string thongs. V-string thong bikinis are made with a V-like patch on the back that connects the strings.

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Thong Bikinis

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