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Swimwear - How to Look Gorgeous This Summer!

Bikini swimwear and Swimsuits. The terms bikini-swimwear, bathing suit, monokini, bikini, swimsuit, swimming costume and bathing suit relate to clothing that is designed for the swimming pool or for lazing on a beach, swimming in the sea or for playing water sports.
  • One-piece swimsuit. Until bikinis were introduced almost all swimsuits were in one piece with various styles such as the halterneck swimsuit, the surplice (which is a form of wrap-around style) and the bandeau swimsuit style (described below). • Halter neck and boy short leg swimwear
  • Surplice swim top
  • Bandeau swimwear. The Bandeau style of swimwear is very stylish and very French.
  • Bikini. The bikini, or bikini swimwear or two-piece swimsuit as it is sometimes known, is much more revealing than the one-piece swimsuit and is often preferred by younger women. The bikini was a form of swimwear which had its origins in Greco-Roman times. The bikini became the official uniform, in 1994, of women's Olympic beach volleyball.
  • Bikini underwear. Bikini underwear is worn by both men and women and is revealing like the bikini swimwear bottoms.
  • Monokini
  • Bikini tops. Bikini tops come in many styles including a halter-style neck that offers more coverage and support, the strapless bandeau style which is a rectangular strip of fabric covering the boobs which has the effect of reducing large breasts. Other variations on the bikini style are the camikini which comprises a camisole top and bikini bottom, the seekini which is a transparent bikini and the tankini which consists of a tank top and bikini bottom.
  • Swimwear cover-ups
Which Bikini To Wear On The Beach This Summer
Thread bikini, g drawstring along bikini or what some populate call a bikini micro drawstring along is our specialty! Available in a large range of striking summer bikini colors there is always a bikini to suit you and your shape.

Sexy, exciting bikini swimwear for the mature, confident charwoman is something that the more mature women desire. Malibu string section bikinis are the sweetest bikini swimsuits on the planet. Malibu thread bikini caller specializes in sexy swimwear and panties for the beach goddesses.

On topped beaches bowed stringed instrument halters and bras are predominant silhouette partners. Sexy, exciting bikini swimwear for the mature, confident adult female.

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bikinis swimwear imagebikinis swimwear image
bikinis swimwear imagebikinis swimwear image
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Bikini Swimwear

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