Truck Shade That Shields

Protects your car from road debris

Unlike bug shields of yesteryear, today's shields have kept up with current technology, updated design changes have yielded a group of shields that custom fit your vehicle as well as looking attractive too.

Small stones or garbage kicked up on the interstate can mar your hood or even smash your windshield. A custom fitted bug shield can send harmful objects up and over your vehicle and out of harm's way.

Protects your hood from bug splatter

AVS auto ventshade, a wholesaler of quality shields recommends Lund bug shields and Ventshade bug shields as both manufacturers are noted for producing high quality and durable products that are affordably priced.

Car occupants cannot stand the inconvenience of water entering and dripping inside the vehicle once the windows are opened on a rainy day. To remedy the dilemma of occupants, window deflectors introduced its latest version of vent visors.

According to some car enthusiasts, Ventshade vent visor is the solution to stay nice and dry amidst the pesky rainwater entering the car. Ventshade vent visors are designed to maximize protection and style. If occupants do smoke, Ventshade vent visors can provide the necessary ventilation. Owners of Ventshade vent visors attest to the world-class quality of said auto parts. Side window vent visor deflectors help lessen heat buildup in a parked vehicle by letting windows to be left partly open.

Your windshield can get clouded over by bug splatter within minutes. Truck bug deflector or bug shield -- as some call it -- is one of the easiest devices to install on your vehicle. A properly installed shield will help deflect bugs as well as rocks saving the hood of your vehicle from damaging chips and splatter. After cleaning your vehicle, you will be ready to install the bug deflector. Once you have adhered the deflector to the proper place on your vehicle, you will then attach two small clear rubber bumpers to place on the hood behind the bug deflector. Bug deflectors are made from either scratch resistant acrylic or with stainless steel.

Truck Shade That Shields

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