A Quick Guide to Web Directories

What Is A Web Directory?

Web directory are Web sites that contain links of all other sites and are sorted according to different categories to maximize its use. Or simply put, a collection of web sites presented in a categorized format. List of Web directories is an alternative to connecting visitors to search for something they wants. Apart from driving traffic to your site through direct referrals, web directories provide one-way inbound links to your site, boosting your link popularity and ultimately improving your search rankings. Web directories are also one way of acquiring permanent links, also a form of web advertising.

Choosing a web directory

There are several kinds of web directories:
  • General Web Directory -- This type of directory features free listing as well as featured listing of all kinds of websites. DMOZ is a perfect example of a general directory.
  • Reciprocal Link Directory -- A reciprocal link directory is the kind of directory that entails linking back to the website that has sent a request for inclusion. With this type of directory, the link directory and the requesting website will be referring to each other.
  • Niche Web Directory -- A web directory that limits itself to a specific type of industry is called a niche directory. This then would be known as a real estate web directory.
  • Bidding Web Directory -- A person reviewing the requests sent to a human-edited web directory does so by checking them against a number of pre-defined parameters as per the web directories submission policy.
It is easy to get high page ranks of Internet directories, if you follow rules and regulations of those directories. Generally, these are two main reasons to submit a web site in web directories, usually these web directories have several categories to wrap any topic. A good web directory submits your site to as many directories as possible that may generate hordes of one-way links for your web site, increasing your web site's page rankings and comes amongst the top 10 lists of Internet directories.

Finally, One of the main benefits on business web directory submission is to increase site traffic. Remember, Web directory submission is just one method of SEO and that good directory submission service offers a comprehensive report that justifies that it has submitted your site to quality web directories.

A Quick Guide to Web Directories

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