Breast Surgery for your Safety

Breast surgery has become one of the most popular and sought after in the world of cosmetics. Such as, enhancing contour for a woman who feels that her breasts are too small, creating a balance of symmetry when breasts have a different shapes, the revitalization of the breast that may have sagged, or to restore breast shape after the loss of volume after childbirth.

The decision to undergo breast surgery is a personal thing. On the other side of the reason for the decision are women want to undergo breast reduction surgery. Women with very large natural breasts may be experiencing chronic back problems because of the weight on their chest, and in some cases the best cure is breast reduction surgery.

This type of breast surgery is not only limited to women. Some men who have excessive breast tissue in their chests choose to have breast reduction surgery in order to flatten their chest.

Breast surgery is undertaken in two cases:
Breast Augmentation -- Breast surgery for breast augmentation involves making a single incision in or near the breast and inserting the implant either between the breast and the chest muscle (sub-glandular placement) or behind the chest muscle (sub-muscular placement). Breast augmentations use saline-filled implants because of their safety and natural look.

Breast Reconstruction -- The surgery rebuilds the breast contour and, if desired, the nipple and areola. One of the most valuable surgical procedures used today is breast reconstruction. Immediate reconstruction or the one stage process involves placing a breast implant directly after mastectomy. The skin and tissue need to be augmented with a breast implant to achieve the desired breast size. Reconstructive breast surgery does not interfere with future treatments such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or detection of recurrent breast cancer.

Breast Surgery Recovery Tips
Your surgeon will most likely recommend that you select breast implants that are better suited for your frame. Two additional ingredients for recovering from breast surgery are water and rest (this is important for your health). Most often, a surgeon will require a breast augmentation patient to wear a compression bra. Usually, the surgeons performing the surgery will help you decide if you should actually undergo the surgery.

Breast Surgery for your Safety

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