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Photography lenses are the key elements in photography. If you are interested in photography, you should understand the various types of lenses used in photography. The most common photography lenses used are the Wide Angle, Normal and Telephoto.

Wide Angle Lenses -- Lenses with 20mm to 35mm are called Wide Angle lenses. Wide-angle lenses can also help you catch people unaware.

Normal Lenses -- Traditional or Normal lenses consist of 50mm focal length. Everyone should have this camera lens . This camera lens can be one of the fastest lenses in your camera bag.

Telephoto Lenses -- Telephoto lenses offer high magnification and narrow angle view. There is another type of photography lens which is known as Medium Telephoto lens. These lenses have a focal length of 85-135mm. For instance, studio photography is very different from wildlife or outdoor photography. Telephoto photography lenses are best suited for wildlife photography, while Medium Telephoto lenses work great for family or kid portraits.

Using wide angle lenses creatively

With the lens wide open on a longer focal length (200mm or longer), depth of field is extremely shallow. You can photograph the same subject with two different lenses and create two very different photographs. Telephoto lenses compress things. Wide-angle lenses expand them.

If you photograph them with a 200mm telephoto lens, for example, the subjects look like they’re much closer together (This trick works better with DSLR lenses than point-and-shoot telephoto lenses because DSLR lenses are so physically small that their tiny lens openings produce greater depth of field).

Each category of lens —fisheye, wide-angle, normal, telephoto, and super telephoto— plus all the zoom lens variations, has its own meaningful characteristics. Choosing the fastest possible shutter speed with a long telephoto lens helps reduce the likelihood of blur from camera shake. Lens choice is one of the basic elements of photographic composition.

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Photography Lenses

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