Proxy Sites and Their Benefits

Have you heard the words proxy server or proxy site? Often a proxy server will help you download pages quicker or files with more speed. Proxy sites are often where you can locate these proxy servers. Google or even Yahoo! can point you towards proxy sites. The proxy sites allow you to find a proxy server that will help you remain anonymous online while you are downloading your files.

A proxy is any software that supports the http proxy protocols. A "proxy server" is basically a website that displays another website. The proxy server simply acts as a transfer point. Proxy servers can be configured to be light or heavy.

Loads of people all over the world in countries such as UK, USA, China, Iran etc use proxy sites on a day to day basis. Proxy sites can prevent this as they mask you personal data so the websites you visit don't see your data instead they see the proxy sites details meaning you a protected from malicious things such as Spyware, Malware and Viruses.

A proxy site allows the user to browse websites using a specific format. Using these sites bypasses the blocks that have been set on the computer and allows the user to 'hide' their own IP address behind the proxy, leaving the user anonymous. This allows a user to access sites that are typically blocked by 'nanny' type software. When using proxy sites, the activity can't be tracked on the computer. Experts recommend using a different site each time you browse the web.

There are further security advantages to using a proxy. For every Internet application, there is a separate software proxy. When a user on the Internet requests data from a web server protected by a reverse proxy, the reverse proxy intercepts the request and ensures that the data contained in the request is acceptable.

The proxy site allows users to browse sites even when access is blocked by their parent network. Proxy sites allow you to bypass your own Internet Service Provider (ISP) through the unique method of typing the desired site's URL in your browser. Doing this takes you first to the proxy site, from which your request is then routed to the originally desired site.

Proxies are used to access popular social networking sites like MySpace, that are often blocked by most business or government computer networks. Proxies use tunneling proxy servers to bypass content filters, and tunnel through to blocked pages. Proxy sites can also be used for content filtering.

Proxies help reduce outside security threats while still allowing internal users to access Internet services. Here it is one of Web Proxy I found:

Proxy Sites and Their Benefits

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