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Boost Your Site's Traffic Through Web Directories

One way of building back links to your site is by submitting them to web directories. There are several kinds of directories. To start submitting your website to directories, you should first create a list of directories that are relevant to your website. If the directory contains the category where your website belongs, then you may submit your website to that web directory.

A high quality web directory often reviews the content of the submitted sites first before they decide whether these sites merit an inclusion to their directory or not. A high-quality web directory is one that is SEO-friendly and has a high page rank. You can also check the sites listed on a directory. A quality listing is an indication that the directory is good.

Getting a link to your site from SEO friendly web directory improve can the chances of your site ranking higher for particular keyword in the search engine. There are so many factors which search engines consider to determine a website rank for certain keyword.

For a new website which has yet to be crawled, web directory link would help the search engine in finding your website and thus including it in its database. Directories are a great place for new websites to be submitted because the search engines frequently crawl them. When a new site is submitted to a web directory, search engines often crawl and index the site.

The Importance of Page Rank

Page Rank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page's value. What the page rank is attempting to measure is the probability that a person clicking links at random will end-up at your site.

The more high-ranking pages that link to your site, then the better your overall ranking. Google's algorithm also likes links to sites to be grown organically. As a result uni-directional links to your site (so-called non-reciprocal links) count for more than reciprocal links (this is an attempt at removing, or at least reducing, the effects of link exchanges from the system).

This also means that established sites, with lots of in-bound links almost naturally rank higher than younger sites. When considering submissions to links directories it is important that you only choose 'SEO-friendly directories' where the links to your sites are presented as plain links and there will be no more than 100 links on a page.

Choosing The Right Directories For Website Submissions

One of the quickest ways of gaining Page Rank and thus visitors to your site is to submit your site to links directories. It can take many years to grow these links organically and you can shortcut this process by submitting your site to links directories and increasing the number of in-bound links to your site by this means.

Many people confuse the link directory with the search engine. There are various types of web directories. Depending on the subjects they cover, they can be either general directories or specialized directories. The general directories cover any theme, and they have broad thematic coverage. There are free directories and paid directories, and they are self-explanatory regarding what they mean. The most notorious web directories are the Yahoo Directory and DMOZ (the Open Directory Project).

SEO Friendly Web Directory

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