Tattoos of Celebrities

Believe it or not a lot of people like to get tattoos of famous people. For some strange unknown reason when famous people die young and way before their time they are idolized forever and are always considered cool and in style. Some of the most common celebrity tattoos are of James Dean, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and surprisingly Heath Ledger as the joker.

The stars have tattoos, so all of their fans want tattoos too. One of America's most popular movie stars, Robert DeNiro, has made an appearance in movies, sporting numerous tattoos. Angelina Jolie recently voted most sexy woman has plenty of tattoos and is probably the most famous and desirable celebrity with tattoos in Hollywood. Lyle Tuttle the forefather of American tattooing tattooed Janis Joplin. Actor Johnny Depp ranks as heavily tattooed for his caliber of talent and breadth of acting work.

While movie stars are rather influential in the trends of tattooing, the choices of musicians are followed as well. For example, the "Thug Life" tattoo that Tupac showcased on his stomach has inspired numerous tattoo designs over the years. Singer Henry Rollins began his tattoo collection as the lead singer of Black Flag. Some sports celebrities also vouch for tattoos. All of them use Tattoos as a temporary form of fashion accessories. Most supermodels who opt for promotional tattoos show fewer and smaller designs than celebrities in other fields.

From the most tattoos are worn by celebrities in general, they are just a few who have a permanent tattoo; more and more are taking on a large number of different temporary tattoos like water transfer, Glitter, Crystal Tattoos. Fashionable celebrities are flaunting their real as well as fake tattoos at events. We see many celebrities in the west and east inscribe tattoos on their body. Tattoos can be spiritual, symbolic or merely decorative. For more information, you can visit web directories and for reference.

Tattoos of Celebrities

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