Types of Card Tricks

Learn Some Simple Card Tricks

Most people are fascinated by magicians who do card tricks and marvel at the way they make cards disappear, re-appear, or can amazingly discover the card that the volunteer chose. There are some card tricks that are very complex and require a high level of skill and dexterity to perform however, there are literally thousands of card tricks that can be performed by anybody with little or no skill yet still amaze an audience.

There are plenty of different types of tricks that you can do, but some of the easiest ones to learn are card tricks. Card tricks are the easiest and most varied of all magic tricks. There are literally thousands of different card tricks, ranging from simple card tricks to extremely difficult ones. But even the most simple card tricks can be special, if they are performed by a good magician.

There are a few ideas that could be done for this type of card tricks, such as:

1. Fake Deck - the pride and joy of children everywhere. Of course, there are some stunning tricks that can be performed with a fake deck. These are the kind of card tricks that involve duplicate cards, cards with "tell-tale" signs on them, and the like. The drawback is that the deck can only perform a limited number of tricks at best. Once you've done the trick to death you'll have no further use for the deck.

2. The Prepared Deck - Basically the prepared deck tricks are tricks that require your deck to be set up before you perform the trick. It can range from being as simple as having the 4 aces starting out on top to having the entire deck arranged.

3. Sleight Of Hand - These are the hardest types of tricks to learn, and usually mix well with Fake Deck and The Prepared Deck. These involve manipulating the cards with nothing but your bare hands in most cases, and require practice, practice, practice to pull off successfully.

Don't forget, magicians never reveal their secrets (usually), so you don't need to feel obliged to tell your friend how the trick works. See, part of pulling off successful card tricks is having the ability to deceive your audience. The most popular method is conversation. If you're doing a fake shuffle, definitely make sure you keep talking. You can think about expanding your horizons once you've finished mastering some of these card tricks. Remember, magicians sometimes create their own card tricks.

Types of Card Tricks

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