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The Bakflip Tonneau Cover

The Bakflip Tonneau Cover or Truck Bed Cover is the latest creation of hard, folding multi-pane tonneau covers that are found in the market. There are other different versions of BAKFlip tonneau covers, namely: BAKFlip G2, BAKFlip HD, BAKFlip CS and BAKFlip F1.

Take pleasure in all the safety measures of a locking hard tonneau cover and have instantaneous access to your whole truck bed! The pioneering BAKFlip cover collapses all the way forward and up against the truck's back cab (rear window) allowing you access to all of your truck bed without having to remove the cover. Only the BAKFlip tonneau cover possesses all the excellent features of a truck bed cover.

What I Learned About Truck Mud Flaps
Every car and truck needs a number of different accessories to protect it and one of the most important ones are the truck mud flaps. Some characters that are regularly seen on truck mud flaps are Daffy Duck and Tweety the bird. However, the most famous Disney character on truck flaps by far is the image of Yosemite Sam, the image shows him with his guns in both hands saying, 'Back Off.'

A number of companies add their company logo or a message or an image of their company on all their vehicles' mud flaps. There are a number of things that you could do to make your truck mud flap look cooler. Style aside, your vehicle could be badly damaged if you fail to use flaps on it. Most cars that don't have truck mud flaps get splattered easily and due to regular splatter their paint loses its shine and eventually starts to ware off. Today one can find truck mud flaps in two materials, rubber and metal sheets.

Bug Protection For Your Car
Quite frankly, bugs are everywhere: in the yard, in the house, on your car, etc. Customized for your vehicle, hood shields slip over the front end, covering the grille and the adjoining section of the hood. Some hood shields are designed to extend further up the hood almost to the windshield. Both styles are effective in deflecting bugs from the grille and can protect a portion of the hood.

A hood shield is installed at the top part of your grille at the point where the grille meets the front part of your vehicle's hood. Hood shields are sized for the particular brand and model you own, though there are some models that can be custom cut and sized by consumers too. A hood shield or a bug shield will do a very good job in reducing bug splatter and keep you from going through gallons of windshield washer fluid while protecting your car's finish.

Truck Accessories

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