Baby Margaretha in Black Experience Magz

Baby Margaretha in Black Experience Magz
Baby Margaretha (born in Bandung, April 1, 1984; age 36 years) is an Indonesian actress and model.

Baby Margaretha's career journey starts from the bottom, namely SPG. Then, he decided to enter the world of models and become adult male magazine models such as Maxim and FHM. Long after undergoing a profession as a model, he tried to explore the world of acting. The film that he has starred in is titled Pocong Mandi Goyang Hip. In the film Baby plays the main role. He also collided acting with adult film stars Sasha Gray, Sheza Idris, Chand Kelvin and Annisa Bahar. He also received an offer to play Siska in the comedy series AWAS ADA SULE 2, which aired on a private television station.

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Baby Margaretha in Black Experience Magz

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