Dara "The Virgin" in Popular

Dara Rizki Ruhiana (born in Tasikmalaya, West Java, 9 August 1991; age 28 years) or more popular as Dara or Dara The Virgin is an Indonesian singer and actress. He is the vocalist of The Virgin duo Group, which also consists of Mita. Dara has an official fan club who is familiarly called Dara Loverz and is often abbreviated to DLZ.

Dara was the eldest of three siblings, the daughter of Asep Ruhiat and Nunung Mardiana. Dara began his career as a singer when he was in high School (SMA) Al-Muttaqin in Tasikmalaya. At that time, Dara, a committee of the Pensi, was invited to invite some of the famous indie bands in the city of Tasikmalaya, such as Chronic, Coke-Pit, Harmony Pop. Starting from a duet with Chronic band in the Pensi event as a backing vocal, Dara eventually joined with Chronic as a backing vocal.

Dara realized that he was still lacking in vocal experience. Then on the advice of his bandmates (Chronic), he practiced vocals at the Music School of Reka Vocalia in Tasikmalaya. In the period of 3 months since the vocal practice, Dara auditioned for Mamamia Show 2008 with his mother. In the singing contest that aired on Indosiar, Dara then met the musician Ahmad Dhani, who was then one of the judges or the execution. Dhani was immediately in love with Dara's appearance. While commenting on Dara, Dhani had promised to take her to the recording kitchen if Dara failed at Mamamia.

Shortly thereafter, Dara was expelled from the Big 9 Mamamia. Dhani also kept his promise and introduced Dara with Mita, a female guitarist at The Rock. Eventually formed The Virgin duo at The end of 2008. The first Single to be released by Dara and Mitha/(Cameria Happy Pramita) is  "Love Forbidden".

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Dara "The Virgin" in Popular

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